domingo, 4 de março de 2007

Socialist Chavez

The world is seeing a knew way of politics on latin america, more specificlly in South America.Where one of it's leaders,president Hugo Chavez of Venezuela,claims that the solution for latin america,is to join forces and fight to be stronger in the actual world of poilitician.Chavez has sourd of becomed a leader on what he claims as an revolution onlatin america.Althought,many of the world's political analysists claims that Chavez is trying to be an Fidel Castro, but without the same power.As a matter of fact,they claim that Chavez is just some sourt of a wanna be powerfull.
I was in the site of youtube and I found a Video of president Chavez explaing his believes,in the city of london.As allways,he didn't forgot to say some "friendly" words to U.S president,George Bush.Check the video.

terça-feira, 27 de fevereiro de 2007

Poverty in The African Continent

I will be posting here a series of subjects involving the topic that I have chosen writing about, for my international politics class.I first decided to write my first blog about a news that I found in the internet, about some of the numbers of the poverty that lyes on the african continent.Over 500,000 people die at each 6 hours due to a reason that includes poverty in Africa.The rich nations are trying to come up with something so they can help them ,but I don't know if that will be possible with all the coucern that the biggest countries are actually having with wars and other subjects that they commited their selfes to.I think that for helping africa,they would have to really dedicate them selfs,and not only do it to have a clear concious wich,I think, they could be doing.